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A Mantle of Greatness

NBA uniforms are evolutionary. In fact, they’re the most frequently changing uniforms in sports. Yes, the shorts got long enough to actually reach players’ knees and the logos got much needed improvements, but with each passing decade the most significant change has been the growing heritage of the jerseys themselves. By the beginning of Jordan’s era, the NBA had been around long enough for the league’s greatest players to start being recognized as legends. Today, sporting a player’s number on your back is about more than just holding down your favorite team. It means you’re taking up their mantle of greatness. Be All In

You might not be a first draft pick, but you are the most integral part of the NBA. You’re a different kind of player. You’re the kind that never takes a season off and whose loyalty runs too deep to ever be traded. Without you going hard at home and getting wild in the stands, historical games would just be glorified scrimmages. You’re the fan. Your jersey is a symbol of the unbreakable bond you share with your team. So whether you’re sitting couch or courtside, rocking a jersey gives you an official position on the team you love. When the jersey’s on, you’re always in.

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