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Before a fight, a boxer comes out to roaring theme music in a signature robe that represents what he’s bringing to the table. He keeps the hood up while entering to his anthem, his face hidden until he finally reveals himself after stepping into the ring. He’s in his zone, preparing for a definite victory, not a possible win. The fight hasn’t even started yet, and he already knows he’s the champ.

In the same fashion, Champs Sports carries hoodies from signature brands that channel a confident, victorious mentality. From Nike to Under Armour, every hoodie is meant to put you in the zone to win. Morning run at 5am? Throw on your Puma hoodie and head out to dominate. Outdoor hooping session? Grab your Jordan hoodie and shut it down.

Each hoodie is designed with quality insulation for warmth, flexible material for movability, and the bold logos of premium brands that symbolize greatness. No matter what you’re doing, when the hood’s up, the game’s on. Are you ready to win?