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The Fierce adidas Original Fanny Pack

It makes sense that a brand that once thrived on retro-inspired apparel, like the tracksuit, created its version of the famous fanny pack. This stylish storage bag was a major ’80s phenomenon. Instead of the usual backpack, this accessory acted as a unique part of an individual’s on-the-go outfit. The fanny pack was big enough to store basic items and remained the prime example of subtle style.

Today, it’s coming back, and it’s better than ever. As a part of the adidas accessories collection, the fanny pack is the epitome of a reinvigorated ’80s athletic trend. Pair Trefoil style and style icon energy results in one of your best looks yet.


Old-School Accessory

The fanny pack is a statement piece. You can take your aura up a notch with the simplicity of this everyday bag. All it takes is a little bit of color and unique designs to make sure you stand out. When it’s an adidas Originals creation, the possibilities for old-school elegance are endless. Rep adidas on your fanny pack’s waist strap or shake it up with an updated Trefoil emblem on the front. The adidas way will always shine while lifting you up. Rock other adidas Originals clothing alongside your fanny pack for the ultimate sports-inspired effect.


Belt Bag For the Busy Athlete

If you’re in a hurry, convenient storage space comes in handy. The adidas Originals fanny pack is an excellent alternative to your usual bag. It keeps essentials like your cell phone, earphones, and wallet at the ready. With just a simple unzip of your pack, your go-to items are within reach, especially when worn belt bag style across the chest. That’s how the fanny pack easily reemerged into the streetwear scene. It proves it’s not just for the gymgoers; it’s a game changer for the aspiring trailblazers as well. Everything you need to get through your busy day is kept in your pack.


Make an adidas Statement

Paying homage to earlier eras of adidas awesomeness come in many forms. It doesn’t just include iconic apparel. But in this day and age, it’s another powerful addition to your adidas Originals collection. You’ll add some flair to an everyday ensemble and turn heads on the city streets. Sometimes a new bag is all it takes to make your style soar.