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Out Of Control - Episode 26

Out of Control Champs TV Franchise

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Fan-favorite wide receiver Chad Ochocinco takes on Jesser in FIFA! Will the FIFA King hold onto his title or will a new king be crowned?

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  • Jesser takes on De'Aaron Fox at NBA 2K. Loser gets dunked on.

  • PUBG vs. the King of R&B. Can Jesser take Jacquees?

  • Cleveland Safety Damarius Randall plays Jesser in Madden. Jesser should probably stick to Fortnite.

  • Jesser might be in over his head. In this episode, he plays WWE wrestler Xavier Woods in Mortal Combat.

  • Jesser challenges the internet's biggest hypebeast Qias Omar to a game of Fortnite.

  • Jesser vs. Josh Hart at Fortnite. Loser drinks a spoonful of hot sauce.

  • Kyler Murray is a first-round draft pick in football, baseball ... and Fortnite?

  • Jarvis Landry can make catches, but getting kills is another story. Watch Jesser and Landry go head to head in Fortnite.

  • Melvin Gordon shows no mercy to Jesser at Madden 20.

  • LA Galaxy star Sebastian Lletget battles to the end with Jesser in Rocket League.

  • Celebrity basketball trainer Chris Brickley takes on Jesser in NBA2K!

  • Jesser challenges his roomate Kris London to Call of Duty for most kills.

  • Jesser recaps the best moments of 2019!

  • Jesser takes on his good friend Cash Nasty of the 2HYPE crew in a game of Call Of Duty: Warzone.

  • Jesser takes on superstar adidas athlete Jalen Ramsey in a friendly game of Call of Duty: Warzone on Plunder Mode.

  • Future NBA athlete and North Carolina star Cole Anthony tries his hand at a different sport, playing virtual soccer against Jesser in FIFA.

  • Jesser takes on Suns star DeAndre Ayton in a fierce game of NBA 2K, with the loser having to send the winner a signed item!

  • Both Jesser and LA outfielder Joc Pederson aren't just hungry for victory. Whoever loses their game of Madden has to buy the winner lunch!

  • Rising star receiver Hollywood Brown brings the heat to Jesser in Call of Duty, with the loser having to scarf down a habanero pepper. Who will end up feeling the burn?

  • Denver favorite and playoff bubble superstar Jamal Murray takes on Jesser in Call of Duty: Warzone! Tune in as they talk trash, bubble life, and more.

  • 2Hype crew members Jiedel and Jesser take each other on in Fall Guys! Watch as they trash talk and reveal a special surprise you won't want to miss!

  • BMX star Nigel Sylvester shows off his skills against Jesser in Call of Duty! Can Nigel land the win or will Jesser take home the dub?

  • It's Jesser vs FaZe Swagg in Call of Duty Warzone's new map! Hop in as Swagg talks joining FaZe Clan, being a content creator, and more.

  • The 2HYPE crew crashes Out of Control! Join Jesser, Kris London, ZackTTG, and Moochie as they compete in 2v2 Madden from the 2HYPE house.

  • Tune in to Out of Control's best moments of the year! Join Jesser and company and relive all the chaos and trash talk!

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