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Gear Up With Toddler Clothing

Your child’s first steps onto the sportswear scene are bound to be big. Whether you want them to make a name for themselves on the court or discover their ideal style, Champs Sports's toddler clothing collection has just what they need to make it happen. Your favorites like Nike, Jordan, Reebok, and adidas provide activewear for beginners too. Kids can stay comfortable when they embark on outdoor adventures or endure the first day of school. It’s all a part of shaping and shifting their style.

Set for Every Season

The changing seasons are no match for a strong toddler clothing rotation. Cozy hoodie and jogger combinations help make sure your child is ready for cooler weather. Not only do they provide long-lasting warmth, but they’ll allow your kid to look the part. All kinds of athletic styles are available so your child can shine even in the wintertime. Options like the classic adidas Originals tracksuit and Jordan pullover set blend style and sports effortlessly. Trends from earlier eras will glide their way into your toddler’s clothing. Check out more in boys’ toddler activewear and find your little one’s ideal fit.

Warm-weather options, like breathable shorts and T-shirts, are also featured in boys’ and girls' toddler activewear. For the tykes who are constantly seeking adventure, cool clothing comes in handy. Maximum mobility and flexible fabrics help make your energetic toddler’s day a little smoother. They’ll be constantly on the move and ready to take on the world. Apparel that adapts to their movement while keeping them comfortable is always essential.

Kicking It in the Classics

When it comes to epic sneakers, Nike, Jordan, Converse, and PUMA are just some of the fan favorites that know best. With toddler shoes, kick-starting your kid’s style is simple. Whether they’re raring to go with retro-inspired Converse high tops or tried-and-true Nike Air Force 1s, a head-turning look is on the horizon.

Sneakers that stunned the streetwear scene back in the day have become the ultimate throwback. They conquered your closet in the ’80s and ’90s, and now, it’s your child’s turn to make it their own. Discover more in the toddler shoe selection and enhance their stylish experience.

Personal style starts before your kid even takes their first stride. When you give them the gift of self-expression, the impossible doesn’t seem so far away. Shop more options in infant athletic clothing and make every stage of life exciting.