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Women's Under Armour Clothing & Shoes

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Aim a Little Higher With Women’s Under Armour

Picking up the pace and keeping cool is what Under Armour is all about. From its handy HeatGear construction to bold Boost technology, Under Armour knows what works for the everyday athlete.

With the women’s Under Armour collection, apparel, shoes, and accessories bring a whole new meaning to working out. Snug and slim designs show off your form while maintaining your ideal athletic fit. When gameday arrives, you’ll look the part and always feel your best.

Warm Up While Cooling Off

Under Armour clothing never backs down from a challenge. If you’re stepping out after a gym session or showing up for pre-game exercises, bundling up and staying loose is essential. Luckily, cold-weather gear like an Under Armour jacket makes it easy. You can stay warm while enduring the chilly evening with a simple zip. High-collar silhouettes and fitted wrist cuffs trap body heat just like your go-to Under Armour hoodie. Don’t worry about the wind picking up or unpredictable conditions making an appearance. Women’s Under Armour winter-weather apparel also uses game-changing ColdGear to elevate your outdoor experience. You’ll keep up your adrenaline without Mother Nature getting in the way.

Go all out and pair your ultra-warm top with Under Armour sweatpants. When ColdGear engineering and super-soft joggers blend together, you get the ultimate fit.

Sweat-Free System

Thanks to Under Armour leggings women’s options, sleek and slim looks are here to stay. If you want to show off your form and flex your every move, the high-waisted fit is your new best friend. Combining it with your favorite sports bra gives off awesome athletic vibes. You’ll keep cool and breeze through your regular routine. For many gymgoers, Under Armour’s quick-drying and sweat-wicking system provides unbeatable comfort. Now, it can help shape your activewear game. You can find this tech in T-shirts, tanks, and other Under Armour looks.

Whether you’re taking everything to the next level in the Under Armour leggings women’s collection or going hard in fierce kicks, women’s Under Armour gear always stick by your side. Sometimes, all it takes is your drive and Under Armour’s design to make your desired athletic lifestyle a reality.

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