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Nike Vapormax Plus Shoes

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Nike Air Vapormax Plus

The zebra-like designs of the Nike AirMax Plus may show that the shoe line has its stripes, but the dawn of the Nike Air VaporMax Plus proves that it earned them. Commonly labeled a hybrid, the VaporMax Plus fuses the upper of the AirMax Plus with the lower cushioning unit of the Air VaporMax ultimately giving wearers the best of both worlds.

In 1978, Nike must’ve had its head in the clouds when it revealed its signature cushioning technology with one goal in mind: to make you feel like you are literally walking on air. After years of prototypes inching closer and closer toward success, the VaporMax Plus stands as the embodiment of a dream beginning to finally convert into reality. The flyknit material gives the shoe a simplistic feature and is also responsible for its feather-like nature. During its development, engineers realized that while doing more with less was harder, it was the most efficient way to achieve the sensation of weightlessness.

Style is a necessity. The VaporMax Plus lives by this commandment as it surpasses its predecessors in both poise and sleekness. It speaks to the essence of a shoe when it is both aesthetically pleasing and gives the illusion of defying gravity. One could say, it almost has a certain air about it.