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Nike Air Max 270 Shoes

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Nike Air Max 270


February 2, 2018. The Nike Air Max 270 shoe made history by quite literally reaching new heights debuting Nike’s tallest air max unit ever. Although it’s descended from a long line of sneakers designed specifically for performance running, the men's and women's 270 distinguishes itself from the rest of the Air Max dynasty as a shoe purposed for lifestyle wear. Combined with exotic colorways, the heel bubble provides a powerful accent that brings an aesthetic balance to the whole sneaker.

The 270 sneaker draws inspiration from its ancestors, the Air Max 93 and the Air Max 180, all while evolving from the foundation they laid into something totally new and cutting edge. The extra comfort is the best example of how the 270 takes innovation a step further. Kevin Durant got on the wave early two months before the sneakers were even released. He was seen relaxing with a pair before a big game against his former team, the OKC Thunder, and then again a month later on a well-deserved day of recuperating. Of course, that required Nike to make the largest Air Max 270 it ever has in a size 18, but for KD, it was a small ask.

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