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FILA is fashion with a capital F

It’s functional, fun, and open to the whole family. All with a capital F.

FILA was founded in 1911 – more than a hundred years ago – but that colorful “F” logo remains as relevant in streetwear culture today as ever.

Since introducing footwear in the 1980s, FILA shoes have literally been at the ground level of fashionable statements. From making cameos in rap lyrics to international tennis professionals, FILA has developed a pretty wide-ranging personality.

Disrupt the average

When the original FILA Disruptor hit the shelves in 1996, it met with little to no fanfare, and it was mostly lost in the shuffle behind FILA’s higher-profile releases in the basketball world.

But more than 20 years later, the FILA Disruptor II has found new life as a casual kick, a lifestyle option that seems to have acquired some heat precisely because it was never overly hot to begin with. No celebrity endorsements. No high-profile marketing campaigns. Just a simple shoe that keeps it as real as those who wear it.

The chunky outsole is as relevant as ever, and the layered leather upper recalls the classic 1990’s lifestyle.

Adapting to the new

While the FILA Disruptor II rides the current chunky/dad sole wave back into cultural relevance, FILA hasn’t been sitting idly by hoping everyone notices.

In early 2018, the FILA Ray Tracer hit the market, offering a layered look that resembles the Disruptor but offers more colorblocking. It also changes up the outsole, replacing the Disruptor’s jagged shark-tooth profile with a more conventional design.

FILA did something similar with the Original Fitness, which is patterned after its original on-court tennis shoe but offers a reimagined outsole for a modern aesthetic.

And for people like you who know the details matter, FILA has kept its apparel game on point, too. You can hook yourself up or just add a splash with everything from instantly recognizable “F” logo tees to the bold Red/White/Blue hoodies, all the way down to simpler accessories like fanny packs.

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