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Michael Jordan has always been a rebel. He’s the same man who somehow played at 100% through food poisoning and severe flu-like symptoms to win game 5 in the 1997 finals. What type of man is so determined, he refuses to let himself be sick even on the brink of passing out? A legend.

With such a defiant spirit, it’s no surprise that immediately after diving into the sneaker game, Jordan began to swim against the tide. While he broke many barriers, he also broke some rules along the way. In October of his rookie season of 1984-85, Jordan wore Nike’s Air Ship since his original Air Jordan sneaker wouldn’t launch until November. Rumor has it he was fined $5K when he wore the shoe because it didn’t follow NBA uniform regulations. In reality, the NBA sent Nike a strongly worded letter, but no fees were actually put in place.

MJ initially didn’t want to wear the Air Jordan because he said it had Devil colors. While it may sound like he didn’t want to be associated with anything satanic, his concern may have been to avoid donning the colors of his in-state college rival, North Carolina State. Eventually he moved past the issue and embraced it for his new look as an NBA star.

The shoe’s red and black colorway sits boldly on the Nike Dunk-inspired silhouette, and the now iconic Jordan Wings logo on the ankle collars represent the shoe’s true avian nature. Its majestic wings expanding from a basketball acknowledge that it was unquestionably forged for flight.

Jordans were made for those who don’t go with the grain. They’re bred for those who challenge the norm and refuse to follow but rather inspire the masses to conform to them. They’re designed for those who have the makings of a legend.


That OG Jordan was just the beginning of MJ’s sneaker legacy. He went on to raise the bar with new versions of his shoe, eventually reaching more than 30 models – and counting! – of distinct silhouettes and colorways that redefined the entire industry but also helped define a culture. The Air Jordan II was the first Nike shoe to be designed without the Swoosh, which opened the doors for a new era where design became more crucial than logo. The shoes were being seen on insanely popular ‘90s TV shows, solidifying that Jordan was not only ruling the court, he was taking over the world.

Jordan was also no stranger to utilizing his shoes to define climactic highlights in his own career. Jaws are still on the ground from when he jumped from the free-throw line – twice – in the White/Cement Air Jordan III during Chicago’s all-star weekend, won the slam dunk contest for the second straight year, and went on to earn MVP honors.

Regardless of the different models, the silhouettes, the vibrant colorways, or the phenomenal story behind each sneaker, one thing consistently stands true: Every new Jordan is the rebirth of a legend that will never die.