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Kids' Nike Air Max 95 Shoes

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Max Out

A timeless running shoe? Nike Air Max 95 Shoes are classics that are still inspiring new iterations. These innovative sneakers came out in 1995 — you saw them on the streets and tracks; in fact, you probably even wore them. Their popularity never waned, and now you can bring that style, comfort, and performative design to your child. The same reliable construction comes to these updated Kids’ Nike Air Max 95 kicks, available in sizes from toddler to grade school, and, of course, the adult version, in case you want to get your own pair. Max out with these awesome shoes that have been delivering results to athletes of all ages for decades.

Body Movement

A shoe that’s good for your child’s foot is good for the whole body — especially if your youngster is aiming for athletic achievements. So it’s no surprise that when designer Sergio Lozano created the Air Max 95, he found inspiration in human anatomy. The lacing system resembles ribs, while the knotty spine is translated to the outsole. It’s all held together with powerful muscles, as seen in the mesh and suede upper that’s stitched tightly for compression. That upper is more than just a concept, though. The mesh provides full-foot ventilation, while the suede adds necessary support to keep runners’ feet stable and injury-free. This shoe is all about healthy, full-body movement.


But how does it deliver? Pretty darn well. The lacing system has special eyelets designed for speed work. The Air technology protects the feet from pavement pounding, and the colors are flashy to add flair to your kid’s wardrobe.  The 95s are the first Nike shoe to feature the Max Air tech in the forefoot, which provides the best protection and responsive delivery. If your kid is more future-centric, the Nike Air Max 720 for kids pulls the sensibilities of the 95s into the new millennium.

The Air technology also provides comfort. That means one shoe for the whole day. No more lugging around running shoes in backpacks! Choose Nike Air Max shoes in monochromatic or vibrant colorways to complement your child’s individual style.

Get the full Max vibe with Nike accessories — an airy look that your child will love!