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Jordan AJ 1 Mid

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Join the Boys’ Jordan AJ 1 Mid Crew

Michael Jordan kickstarted his brand with the original Air Jordan 1 in 1984. Basketball lovers and players alike knew what it took to stand out like Mike. The effortless style and athletic details that made up the AJ 1 was coveted by sneakerheads. Now, the streetwear stars of tomorrow can count on the brand for endless flair as well.

Perfecting your kid’s look with the boys’ Jordan AJ 1 Mid is the next step to shaping their unique style. Your little one is bound to take on new adventures at school, on the playground, and at practice. If you want your kid's transition from school to the court to be as smooth as possible, Air Jordan 1 shoes are essential.

MJ’s Go-To Shoe

The boys’ Jordan AJ 1 Mid is one of a kind. It set the tone for past, present, and future basketball trends. From the high-top design to the retro-inspired colorways, it’s a sneaker that’s here to stay. For your tiny trailblazer, it’s how they’ll follow in the footsteps of the fashion and basketball greats.

Michael Jordan defied the odds of typical on-court fashion. A shoe like the Air Jordan 1 differed from most basketball footwear. With his exceptional potential, Jordan managed to look and play like a champion, and now your child can too. Check out more versions of the iconic Air Jordan in the boys’ Jordan Retro collection and help them find their place in the sneaker scene.

Bring on the Basketball Features

Your kid’s Jordan shoe selection is the foundation of his streetwear wardrobe. When basketball shoe features like Nike Air Sole, ankle support, and premium leather construction combine with old-school colors, your child will stand out among their buddies. Whether they’re roaming the school hallways or playing a game of hoops, the AJ 1’s power makes sure they’re looking their best.

Jordan Paves the Way

The Air Jordan is the ultimate classic. It supported Jordan during intense games and became a staple among basketball style enthusiasts. When sneakerheads hit the streets, shoes like the AJ 1 are must-haves. Your little one will take the streetwear world by storm by lacing up in the boys’ Jordan AJ 1 Mid.