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adidas Crazy Explosive

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adidas Crazy Explosive

The adidas Crazy Explosive was engineered for the hooping connoisseur. If your gravestone will most likely read, “Ball was life,” then you’re the inspiration for its design. True ballers demand everything from their sneakers. Fast breaks, quick pivots, high jumps, and deep landings all require a shoe that’s tenacious. Just because you’re wearing a sneaker doesn’t mean it can keep up with you. That’s why the Explosive comes equipped with lightweight technology that allows you to maintain your speed while still providing extensive support. It’s intricately ribbed sole offers maximum traction for swift changes in direction and powerful launches. Translation: Prepare to get buckets.

Since comfort is crucial to focusing on your game, the interior is lined with cushioning to absorb the force from hard steps and landings, while the exterior material gives you excellent breathability. All functionality aside, this shoe doesn’t make only your game look good. Available in several vibrant colorways, the Explosive has a captivating design and distinguished silhouette that’ll make you stand out when you go crazy.