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Men's Under Armour Sweatpants

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Warm It Up

Staying warm has never been easier with men’s Under Armour sweatpants. Whether you’re looking to wake up your muscles before the big game or relax after a hard workout at the gym, these sweatpants are your go-to. However, these Under Armour sweatpants aren’t just about keeping you cozy. They also function as an important part of your wardrobe. With sleek, modern silhouettes and iconic branding features, these men's sweatpants go together perfectly with a pair of basketball shoes or a graphic T-shirt. Versatility is the name of the game.

Fierce in Fleece

If you’re craving a truly cozy embrace, you’ve got to try the Under Armour Baseline Fleece Joggers. Under Armour built this collection specifically for basketball players so you’ll be in good company. Wear them for warm-ups before your next big game so you don’t lose any heat while you’re waiting for tip-off. Plus, the stretchy waistband with drawcord helps these sweatpants stay in place whether you’re jumping for the dunk or pivoting around an opponent.

Recover Faster

Avoid those post-game aches when you try the Under Armour Recover Knit Travel Pants. These pants are mineral-infused, meaning they’ll reflect the energy your body is releasing back into your muscles to help reduce your recovery time. This makes them the perfect accompaniment to a grueling leg day at the gym. They also feature great sweat-wicking properties to help you stay dry even when the going gets rough.

Move, Move, Move

There are men’s Under Armour sweatpants for before the game and after the game, but what about during the game? For that, you might try the Under Armour Sportstyle Essential Jogger. These men's sweatpants are designed in a four-way stretch fabric so you’ll have ultimate flexibility. Run, jump, and stretch with ease without any restrictions. A tapered leg offers a modern silhouette while also eliminating extra fabric that can drag you down. There are even pockets just in case you want to carry an energy bar or hand towel.

Be Fearless

With men’s Under Armour sweatpants, you’ll look and feel your best whether you’re on the court or chilling at home. All of these pants give you the comfortable, casual vibe you need to feel at home in your own skin. Pair them with other Under Armour gear to complete your look.

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