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Kids' Nike Air Max Plus Shoes

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Timeless Shoe

Here’s a shoe you and your child will both love. Kids’ Nike Air Max Plus Shoes are some of the coolest sneakers available today. This unique kick hit the scene in 1998 — you probably even owned a pair. Creative in style, this innovative running shoe was coveted by athletes and trend-setters alike. And that’s still the case. Kids go for this iconic shoe for its legendary design. But as a running shoe, the Nike Air Max Plus has held up as an excellent option for high performance. With this timeless shoe, your child will look great both hanging out on the playground and speeding down the track.

Run On Air

The big deal about Nike Air Max Plus Shoes comes from its functional style. Nike designer Sean McDowell found inspiration from Florida beach sunsets, as seen in the upper. Flex grooves through the forefoot are a riff on palm trees. Superior cushioning technology means this shoe will support your child through all those runs, leaps, hurdles, and sprints. The substantial outsole supports movement in all kinds of terrains, while the lightweight construction will make children feel like they’re running on air. Reflective details are featured not just on the back of the shoe, but also the front, which means that when play extends after the sun goes down, your child will be visible.

Street Savvy

Florida beaches are about ocean waves, sea life, and stunning sunsets. Aside from those palm trees on the upper, Air Max Plus sneakers have colorways inspired by the sky, while the shank of the shoe brings to mind a whale’s tail. The result is a totally original shoe that will make your child stand out. Check out the Nike Air Max Plus for kids in grade school. It’s the traditional 1998 look with today’s construction. Tots can enjoy the signature midsole’s Tuned Air technology, too — grab a pair of Nike Air Max Plus toddler and preschool sizes to prepare for future athletic moves. An alternative to the original is the Air Max Plus III, an updated take on the traditional look with that same Air Max quality.

Maximize your child’s Nike Air style with grade school or toddler Nike clothing!