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Kids' Nike Air Max 97 Shoes

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Fully Equipped

Get the sneaker that’s been making waves since 1997. The Kids’ Nike Air Max 97 is a child-sized version of the popular shoe. For more than 20 years, the Air Max 97 line has continuously been flying off shelves — now that’s a great sneaker. An innovative design, this iteration features Nike’s first visible full-length cushioned Air midsole — it would set the stage for Nike Air shoes to come. This historic sneaker’s thoughtful technology translates to a cool look that you’ll want to wear every day. For a full day’s play, get the full-length Air. You’ll be fully equipped.

Faster Than a Bullet

Design is as much about looks as it is about delivery. At Nike, Christian Tresser brought those ideas together with the Air Max 97. He combined three unlikely sources of inspiration to create a totally original upper design.

The first, a drop of water, is reflected in the ripple effect echoing along the full-length midsole and radiating on the upper, with a positive impact on the rest of the foot’s movement. Second, the colors are taken both from a silver bullet — because that’s how fast you’ll go in a pair of Air Max 97s. Finally, the metal-on-metal polishes bring to mind mountain bikes, with that shiny look that feels like the perfect finish to a shoe that’s in its own league.

Speed Machine

Kids’ Nike Air Max contain a responsive technology that uses compression from the foot’s impact to launch the body forward as the foot releases. That means you’ll go faster and harder without the extra effort. Even more? That air also acts as a high-level protective layer, which means fewer injuries and more play.

Nike Air Max 97s come in many variations of bold colorways so you can get the look that suits you best. The fully visible Air midsole is integrated with the upper’s style, so the sneaker is a fully loaded, high-end design that’ll get you noticed. A structured arch and updated outsole keep feet sturdy during the toughest play. This kids’ running shoe is fit for performance — in Air Max 97, you’ll be a speed machine.

You can even get completely submerged in Nike Air with Nike backpacks from Champs Sports, for daylong adventures!