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Kids' adidas Originals NMD

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Innovative Style: The Kids’ adidas Originals NMD

When the adidas Originals NMD debuted, it delivered a reimagined version of the ideal running shoe. The combination of adidas’ Boost midsole and streamlined silhouette proved it was one of the brand’s most versatile kicks. Track stars, basketball players, and gymgoers took a liking to the NMD. Now, its innovation is one to be remembered. Athletes from all walks of life rock this adidas favorite, and even your little one can discover their inner star with the help of NMD’s power.

adidas Details

When curating your kid’s adidas Originals NMD collection, fierce flair comes first. We know what a typical running shoe looks like. It’s streamlined to the max and features a flexible fit. Aspiring track stars want kicks that are always adapting and going with the flow. For the athletes of tomorrow, this aerodynamic design shapes their sports journeys. The boys’ and girls’ adidas Originals NMDs capitalize on the brand’s sports-centric vibes. Beginners on the court, the field, and more will make a statement: they’re here to have fun no matter what.

adidas adds its influence on the iconic running sneaker model. The NMD’s ultra-supportive rubber outsole sets it apart from the rest of your child’s shoe selection. It’s the must-have detail. They can easily power through practices and keep up with their teammates in adidas Originals awesomeness.

Born to Boost

Your go-to adidas footwear often provides unbeatable cushioning. With the invention of the brand’s bold Boost technology, athletes were granted long-lasting comfort. They could endure unexpected turns and always feel good while doing it. Your kid’s adidas NMD uses the Boost system with high-quality precision. As a budding player, this comes in handy when they make a play or push it to the limit.

Ageless Three Stripes

The adidas Originals NMD is key in shaping future sneakerheads. So many elements come into play for the three stripes to stand out. That’s why your little one can take on the world with ease. A shoe that symbolizes powerful athleticism and spunky streetwear energy belongs in your child’s growing collection. Men’s and women’s adidas Originals NMDs are also available so you can match with your kid.