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Keep Up in the Nike PG 4

Paul George is already a basketball legend in the making. Fans witness his skills on the court and recognize his sports star status. But who says you can’t also look and feel like one of today's greatest basketball players? The Nike PG collection features footwear meant for your inner trailblazer.

Ever since Paul George dropped the Nike PG 1 in all its glory, it has become an essential for every basketball lover and sneakerhead. New models of this iconic shoe cater to all kinds of on-court style enthusiasts, especially the Nike PG 4.

Low-Tops on the Court

Paul George’s legendary influence comes from his hardworking personality. The PG 4 translates that energy into a laid-back look. Taking this sneaker along for your everyday adventures is what it’s designed for. It shows off a distinct silhouette from other typical basketball kicks while still giving that flair all footwear enthusiasts love.

If you dare to dream bigger and want to take your street cred to new heights, the PG 4’s low-top design gives off refreshing vibes. Throughout the years, basketball teams have relied on the high-top sneaker during in-game situations, but the PG 4 takes on a life of its own and helps you stand out just like Paul George.

Bring on the Basketball Essentials

While the PG 4 strays away from the usual basketball shoe details, it remains a game changer for your daily activities. The internal webbing system, lightweight cushioning, and Nike Air footbed offer all-day comfort. From your casual game of hoops to intense shots on the court, the PG 4 makes sure you’re always ready to go big. With Nike’s top-notch technology and Paul George’s reputation, the PG 4 makes sure every step is memorable.

Sports and Streetwear Standout

George’s presence on the court is one to be remembered. If you want to raise the bar like the six-time all-star, unbeatable style is a must. When you’re searching through your Nike basketball shoe selection, the PG 4 helps you hang with the rest. Its variety of unique colorways lets you shine in every setting, including sports practices and hangouts. Blending George’s signature style with yours results in a winning outfit. Pair your favorite PG 4 with other apparel like Nike basketball shorts for the ultimate streetwear experience.