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Nike JDI

At the heart of Nike JDI apparel is, of course, the incredibly compelling slogan that propelled Nike to be what it is today. JUST DO IT. The phrase was coined in the winter of 1987 at a time when America had reached an all-time high in unhealthy lifestyles and procrastination. Mediocrity was plaguing the nation and there was no hiding it.

So how did three words have enough power to inspire millions and shift the direction of a declining culture? The line represented America’s cure, and Nike was the one selling it. JUST DO IT. Americans couldn’t help but find it refreshing. It was the wakeup call they didn’t have to request. How do I get back in shape? How do I start a business? How do I get organized? The answer was now so clear. It left no room for excuses and needed no explanation. It made people realize that a lot of the things they wanted to do but never did could have gotten done if they had, well, just done them.

Nike was a beacon of will and determination. Its slogan became the low-hanging branch just within reach that Americans could use to pull themselves out of the quicksand that was swallowing them. Nike JDI is the embodiment of this same drive and persistence that not only laid the foundation the company now stands on, but also built up the world around it in the process. Nike JDI was created for conquerors.

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