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Sportswear and Style Combine

You’ll never have to sacrifice performance for style (or vice versa) when you wear the ASICS Tiger brand. Since 1977, these shoes have helped athletes achieve their goals while looking great. Though the company has its roots in Japan, the company is now known across the globe for its trendsetting style. You can find a shoe for all your sportswear needs, whether you’re searching for something casual for running around town or something to pair with your new hoodie.  

A Sound Mind and Body

Performing your best isn’t just about training the hardest or being the strongest. It’s also about mental fortitude. You need a strong mind to succeed, and ASICS understands that. That’s why that concept is in its name. The word ASICS stands for “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” a phrase that translates to “a sound mind in a healthy body.” With ASICS Tiger shoes, you are investing in your mental health as well as your physical health. Lace these up and you’ll not only perform your best. but you’ll also look and feel your best.

Gel Your Way to the Top

The ASICS Tiger shoes available at Champs all feature GEL-based technology. These means your feet will be treated to either αGEL or fuzeGEL, two amazing padding formulations that provide all-day comfort and support. αGEL is the classic GEL material and can be found in many throwback shoes, like the ASICS Tiger GEL-Kinsei OG. In addition to the supportive GEL, these shoes also feature Impact Guidance System technology to improve your natural gait.

ASICS’s newest GEL is the fuzeGEL, which is a spongier material that gives you extra bounce and impact cushioning. One example of this is the ASICS Tiger GEL-Mai. It comes with a unique asymmetrical style that you can accent with a pair of slim joggers or leggings. Plus, the lacing system provides extra ankle and forefoot support to help your kicks stay firmly in place even on long runs.

Whichever pair decide on, you’ll definitely be channeling a style-setting vibe. The bright colors, bold silhouettes, and chunky soles of all these ASICS Tiger sneakers pair well with basketball shorts, T-shirts, and even cropped hoodies for a look that will turn heads.