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Spenco 3/4 Orthotic Arch Support

Product #: 4315804
Size 4 - Men's shoe 10-11, Women's shoe 11-12
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Spenco 3/4 Orthotic Arch SupportSpencoŽ 3/4 Orthotic Arch Supports are specifically designed to help control the position of the feet. They are shaped to help stabilize and balance the foot and to provide the extra comfort and support needed for optimum performance. The unique cushioning system helps absorb shock, reduce friction and improve overall foot comfort. SIZING: 1= women's shoe size 5/6. 2= women's shoe size 7/8, men's shoe size 6/7. 3= women's shoe size 9/10, men's shoe size 8/9. 4= women's shoe size 11/12, men's shoe size 10/11. 5= men's shoe size 12/13.
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