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Reebok 10K 5.0.5 Strung Head - Men's

Product #: 245401
Neon Orange
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Reebok 10K 5.0.5 Strung Head - Men'sThe Reebok 10K 5.0.5 Hard Mesh Strung Head brings the pain with Speed Ports in the scoop and throat, maximizing air flow giving you harder shots. Stringing Grooves in the Speed Ports give you unobstructed stringing in multiple locations for a custom pocket. Additionally the narrow V-shape of the scoop keeps the ball channeled when shooting and passing. The ergonomic sidewall design is streamlined, making it one of the fastest heads on the market. Optimum ball control technology works inline with a rounded scoop to reduce ball rattle and allow for easy scooping. A molded ball stop establishes extreme ball cushioning and a stylish look. Strung with a pre-formed hard mesh pocket, the 10K offers a quick release and harder shot right out of the box. Break something... records, barriers and opponents' spirits with the Reebok 10K 5.0.5 Hard Mesh Strung Head. Meets NCAA lacrosse head specs. NFHS and NCAA approved.
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