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Championship Productions Skills & Drills for Hitting

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Championship Productions Skills & Drills for HittingGet over 30 drills, pulled directly from the TCU hitting program, in Skills & Drills for Hitting. Create customized hitting plans for your players with Todd Whitting, the Head Coach at the University of Houston and former Texas Christian University Associate Head Coach. He knows his stuff, winning six straight MWC Championships from 2004-2009. Whitting breaks down the swing into five main components, provides a thorough-walk through of each component and identifies key principles that must be present during each part. He also shows you how to customize your hitting plan to improve individual weaknesses. Learn how to develop swing mechanics with over 30 drills on hip rotation, swing path, rhythm, head movement and more. It'll get you more confidence at the plate and create a hitting program that will put more runs on the board. 63 minutes.
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