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Easton F1 Launch Unstrung Lacrosse Head - Men's

Product #: 13400110
Black | Unstrung / NFHS / NCAA Approved
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Easton F1 Launch Unstrung Lacrosse Head - Men'sThe Easton F1 Launch Lacrosse Unstrung Head features Easton-patented Reflex Technology, an innovative foundation for head design. Fully adjustable and customizable for each player's style, from quick feeder to big wind-up shooter. Concentration of energy is at the piston; this maximizes the energy transfer to head for passing and shooting. Increased accuracy and power on shots, the head itself distorts less during hard shots, piston absorbs energy that would normally be transferred to the head (causing distortion). Absorption of energy at the piston when receiving the ball for softer catches and a better feel. The Launch head is adjustable from 0-degree or flat (neutral) head angle all the way up to 6-degrees set back. A standard Phillips head screwdriver will adjust the head angle. The more set back the head angle, the more tolerant the head is to deeper pockets and big shots. "Stringer-friendly" design has numerous holes and locations for stringing for maximum number of options per player preference low pockets, middle pockets, high pockets or deep pockets! Lightweight at only 4.9 oz., the F1 Launch is still rigid and highly durable. The player-engineered scoop has a redefined angle and shape for effortless ground balls. An ergonomic throat gives a perfect anatomical fit of top hand for better stick handling. The Easton F1 Launch Lacrosse Unstrung Head is NCAA legal.
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