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Easton B2.0 SP13B2 Softball Bat - Men's

Product #: 113212
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Easton B2.0 SP13B2 Softball Bat - Men'sThis evenly balanced, one-piece composite bat is designed for harnessing power. With the B2.0, Easton's patented 13.5" barrel contains IMX™ technology for the maximum performance throughout the sweet spot. The handle measures 29/32", made of SIC™ black carbon. The material improves feel and reduces vibration from the IMX™ composite barrel. It's wrapped in an ultra-thin gauze grip to give you a handle on the energy. Approved for play in USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF. 26, 27, 28 oz. options. *Unwanted bats returned to Eastbay must not be used and must be in original packaging.*

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