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Oakley Sunglasses

The first rule of the Oakley design team philosophy is, "Redefine product by redefining what is physically possible." This vision can be seen in every model of Oakley sunglasses from the innovative technologies to their stylish looks. Oakley sunglasses are like nothing you've seen or worn.

Oakley is built on technology. Designers have been tasked with innovating and creating solutions. A prime example, Hydrophobic Coating, comes on many of our Oakley models. Oakley Hydrophobic is a permanent lens coating that prevents those performance killers from threatening your vision.

This technology has three primary functions: preventing moisture buildup, repelling oil off of the lenses (making it easier to keep them clean), and preventing dirt and dust particles from attaching to the lenses.

The hydrophobic technology uses these three key features to create an invisible barrier that has the ability to discard sweat, dirt, dust, rain, and more... The lenses are easy to clean and stay clean longer, maintaining the highest level of visibility.

Oakley sunglasses also feature High Definition OpticsŪ (HDO) which makes sure the wearer can see clearer and sharper without image corruption, see everything exactly where it is, and get unsurpassed impact protection and 100% UV filtering.

Not only do these iconic sunglasses offer amazing technology but also come in a variety of models and styles that would make a great addition to any wardrobe. Check out our selection of Oakley sunglasses and upgrade your style today.

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